Why ICM Certification

ICM Certification gives value added assessment by its trained, quality conscious, experienced auditors & technical experts. ICM Certification provides unbiased auditing services with wide range of scopes to its clients. We also help to explore Quality Management System's benefit in a friendly manner so that you can optimize your organizations performance.

ICM Certification is Directly Accredited Certification Body from Accreditation Conformity Board for Certification Bodies (ACBCB) UK (Registration No. : INS03201401) for ISO 9001 (QMS), ISO 14001 (EMS), ISO 45001 (OHSAS), ISO/IEC 27001 (ISMS), ISO 20000-1 (ITMS), ISO 22000 (FSMS), HACCP, ISO 13485 (MDMS), ISO 31000, ISO 21001, ISO 29990, ISO 29991, ISO 29992, ISO 29993, ISO 10001, ISO 18788, ISO 20121, ISO 22301, ISO 26000, ISO 28001, ISO 37001, ISO 37301, ISO 39001, ISO 41001, ISO/IEC/IEEE 23026 and ISO 50001 Etc.